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Soar is a 10-Day
Intensive Immersion...

What if you never had a reason, justification or excuse to abandon you? What could be possible? The Real Raw You 10-day SOAR program isn't like anything you've ever done. It's like taking your dreams, putting it on steroids and having more fun than you've ever imagined! Imagine being free of doubt, frustration, fear, insecurity and other stuck points, so you can just create your dream life. This 10 day immersive class is about falling in love with your potent intensive flow of living! The Real Raw You SOAR Adventure is the special sauce designed to ignite YOU 10 days. I wonder what change is possible when we add greater potency, presence, and clarity to your creative flow and play? Is it time to add some delicious intensity, potency and creative capacities to your dreams? YES?! I'd hope so! Let's PLAY!!!!

What's Inside Soar?

Visioneering Online

The NEW Language

It's time to ask your being and body what change it's perceiving! In this adventure we learn a NEW language -- the language of energetic CREATIVE connection and communication.

How can you ask questions when you are stuck, in doubt, or fear and receive clear communication so you know what's the greatest possibility?

In this powerful session, we expose the lies of past agreements and assumptions that limit our beautiful, radiant flow.

You'll receive easy, practical how-to tools to help you clear, shift, and change your perspective and begin the process of unlocking pain, disease, and struggle.

Visioneering Online

Clear the ABSOLUTE Stops

Gain the awareness of what energies are really stopping you. Clear the beliefs and stories underlying the views.

How many of those views were passed down from your parents?

How many views have you concluded based on other people's conclusions?

You'll be introduced to a life-changing practice that offers a whole new space of flow from these views.

Visioneering Online

End the Inner Judgment

Is the edginess and frustration yours? What are you reacting to?

Clear the reactions, beliefs and stories underlying the views you have with your insecurities. Release yourself from the locked chains you've put upon yourself.

With these activations and practices, the areas of perceived contraction and density that prevent us from accessing certain energies can be dissolved. It is vital to understand the frequencies of caring, nurturing, and healing.

Visioneering Online

Unlocking Your Beliefs and Being Congruent

What do you believe about yourself and the way you create your life that is not true? Learn how to hear the whispers from your natural state that's free from limitations and restrictions you placed yourselves and your being.

In this class, we explore new lands and perspective using Be-ology designed to help us return to you as and with oneness. Imagine being really congruent with what you say you want and be able to simply choose it.

At this part of the course you'll feel more spacious and free to choose without the contractions and conclusions of this reality.

Visioneering Online

Following the Harmonics of Each Moment

Expand your awareness and intuition into a new communication with yourself and your body / being. What energy can you be that you've denied could be possible?

Let's create a whole new platform from which to function.

Now that you've created more space between the cells, can you receive greater awareness?

Now, what do you choose? What's possible?

We'll explore capacities beyond what you already know is possible.

Visioneering Online

Questions + Group Coaching

Get answers to all your burning questions in this special Q&A follow-up with Jeneth.

Who is this for?

The SOAR Adventure is designed to ignite YOU 10 days! Enroll Now

About Jeneth

Hi, I'm Jeneth Blackert. A wife. A mother of two. An entrepreneur. An author. A leader for conscious change. An infinite being out to change our world. I run a seven-figure conscious-based wellness and lifestyle business. More importantly, I live and create my life in a way that allows me to be me without judgment, worthiness or a lack of viewpoints.

Simply by asking and receiving awareness.

Student Stories

Laya Saul

"It’s magical feeling the lightness and peace after each call."

Jeneth has a way of talking and working with people that is calming and comforting; and at the same time she embraces humor and whimsy.

The idea is to let go of what is blocking you (what a relief!) and increase what supports you. All this with the wonderful voice, heart, and uncommon sense, did I mention grounded? -- that is Jeneth.

Laya Saul | Award winning author and speaker
Georgette Star

"Learning about being - through business the Jeneth way - is simply a delightful journey!"

"I discovered how Jeneth does it: How she cultivates expansive states of being that generate her thriving, ever-expanding, seven-figure business.

I learned energetic clearing tools to release whatever limits along the way, specific How-To's that I was able to implement right away, and to top it off, a wealth of support materials.

I was just starting to create my first telesummit when I entered the program. Jeneth provided what I needed to make the creation of my telesummit SO much easier."

Georgette Star | Maiden Spirit™ Founder
Marina King

"My body and my relationship to my body is noticeably different..."

I feel so connected. Like my body is a transmitter and I receive and send information constantly: Earth, trees, water, sky, air, people, animals. I have noticed to a much greater depth, in what ways I am affected by different environments. I have always had an aversion to shopping malls but now I 'see' or sense why; all the energy is too much. Now I get that, I can choose to change how I react to it, which makes my life easier and more fluid.

Being near water is orgasmic. Lying on the Earth is my new favourite place to be. Feeling the Sun soaking into me -- it's incredible. I feel like my body has become less solid. What a great adventure!

Thank you Jeneth and everyone for your contribution!

Marina King
Dr. Anna Michelle

"I can't wait to take this course!"

I've taken Jeneth's courses before and Jeneth is an amazing teacher... solid, effective and produces results. What's more, she really cares about seeing you through the change you crave. Jeneth walks her talk and will be your powerful guide.

Dr. Anna Michelle
Alecia Evans

"Thank you Jeneth, for being a trailblazer, a true pioneer, and master of your own soul; a courageous warrior on the path from the head to the heart!"

Thank you for being so generous to share your journey as a guiding light to all walking the uncharted path of the great mystery and reminding us of all the joy contained there.

I am so grateful for your willingness to be who you are and for you sharing your gifts, wisdom and beautiful heart with me and facilitating me on the blossoming of my path.

Yours in sisterhood, love and light!

Alecia Evans | Walk In Sync™ Founder
Katherine Harris

"Thank you so much for all of the calls and classes you do. Amazing! I am feeling so many shifts!"

I am so thankful for all of the clearing Jeneth has helped me with over the last few years! I am stepping out into my healing business and am so grateful for all she has done to make it possible.

I am also so grateful because every time I try and create a limitation she stops me! Like my "Oh I have two kids and a husband; I can't do this!" Wait Jeneth does and she is!

'Oh I can't write now that I am doing this healing business. Oh well. Bummer.'

'Oh, wait. Jeneth is; she wrote a book!'

Awesome and thank you!

Katherine Harris | Crow Lady Healing™ Founder
Amy Knedlik

"...and within 4 weeks of the call I lost 13 lbs!"

I had been working out consistently for six weeks five days a week (3 days with a personal trainer). I also dramatically changed my diet to proteins and greens. After all this I had lost only 1 lb in six weeks. Needless to say I was very discouraged.

When I shared all of this on the call with Jeneth, we talked about listening to my body and communicating with my body. I had done this in the past but something in our discussion was cleared on that call.... creating an opening for a clearer connection and dialog for me and my body to communicate.

What I was able to take away is that it doesn't HAVE to be hard to lose weight... I heard and felt my body communicating its desire to lose weight... in the call and the days after my body and mind aligned... I got the message "it can be easy if I choose it"... my body was ready to release the weight... and within 4 weeks of the call I lost 13 lbs!

Amy Knedlik | Los Angeles, CA

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